Rank Advancement Procedures

This page describes procedures for rank advancement, including Scoutmaster Conferences, Boards of Review (not including Eagle Boards), and the presentation of Rank Advancement Patches.

Step 1: Complete the Requirements

A Scout must complete all of the rank advancement requirements prior to requesting a Scoutmaster Conference.

Step 2: Schedule a Scoutmaster Conference

The Scout should talk to the Scoutmaster to request a Scoutmaster Conference. This request should be made in person, with the Scout wearing his uniform and toting his Scout book, so the Scoutmaster can quickly review the Scout’s completion of all of the requirements for rank advancement. The Scoutmaster will then schedule a date, time, and place with the Scout to hold the Scoutmaster Conference.

Step 3. Attend the Scoutmaster Conference

The Scoutmaster Conference will typically occur at a place and time outside the normal scope of Scouting events. Scoutmaster Conferences may be conducted at his home, his workplace, a coffee shop, etc. A parent should accompany the Scout to meet Youth Protection Guidelines, but the Conference will be a one-on-one meeting between the Scout and Scoutmaster.

The Scout should wear his full Class A uniform and bring his book to the conference. If he forgets his book, or does not wear his uniform to the conference, the conference will be rescheduled.

If the Scout meets the requirements for Rank Advancement and successfully completes the Scoutmaster Conference, then the Scoutmaster will assign a time for the Scout’s Board of Review.

Step 4: Attend a Board of Review

Boards of Review will usually occur on the 3rd Monday of each month (usually the Monday immediately following the monthly troop campout) between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM. A Scout should attend his Board of Review in his full, Class A uniform, and bring his Scout book. If he does not wear his uniform or bring his book, his Board of Review will be rescheduled.

Step 5: Submit Copies of Rank Advancement Pages from Scout Book

When a Scout successfully completes his Board of Review, he should immediately copy all of the signed pages associated with that Rank in his Scout book and deliver them to the Advancement Chair. The easiest way to do this is to take a clear digital photograph of these pages and email them to the Advancement Chair on the night of the Board of Review!

Step 6: Presentation of the Award at a Troop Meeting

If the Scout submits his signed Rank Advancement Pages to the Advancement Chair within 48 hours after the Board of Review is completed, he will be presented with his Rank Advancement Award and Patch at either the first or second Troop meeting of the month following his Board of Review.

Step 7. Recognition at Court of Honor

All Scouts who have earned Rank Advancements during the period since the last Court of Honor will be recognized at the next Court of Honor.

Checklist for New Scouts and Parents

Here’s a checklist for New Scouts and Parents that join our Troop!

  1. Complete the Boy Scouts of America Youth Application and turn it in to our Committee Chair.
  2. Complete the Boy Scouts of America Adult Application and turn it in to our Committee Chair. This is required if you wish to participate in troop activities or Outings. We request that at least one adult member from each family register with our Troop.
  3. Adults: Complete Vehicle Checklist. This is required if you will plan to drive Scouts to or from any Scouting activity.
  4. Email your Scout’s name, Scout cell phone number, home phone number, and mom+dad cell phone numbers via our Contact Form, so we can add you to our Phone Tree.
  5. Sign up your Scout’s and parents’ email addresses to our troop email news list using the form on our home page (under the “Receive Troop 820 News” widget). This is the primary means by which we announce activities, solicit signups, and convey other information to our troop outside the framework of our troop meetings.
  6. Purchase a Boy Scout Uniform. You can get them (or order your right size if they don’t have it) from the Scout Shop (click for map & contact info). You should purchase the Uniform Shirt & Pants. If you like, you may substitute another pair of pants, as long as the color is olive, as part of your uniform. A cap is optional.
  7. Get your Boy Scout Handbook & Troop Badge from the Scoutmaster. We may have to order these items if we don’t have a supply on hand, and it may take a few weeks.
  8. Review the Annual Troop Plan (link from the home page on this website), as well as the detailed calendar of the coming month.
  9. Ask your Scoutmaster what Patrol you will be assigned to. He will introduce you to your Patrol Leader.
  10. Complete your Boy Scouts of America Health Form. This is required before you can participate in our outings. Note that a physical exam within the last year is required to participate in any activity greater than 72 hours in length (most of our high adventure and summer camp trips).
  11. Schedule a family (parents + Scout) meeting with the Scoutmaster, who will provide you with an orientation and overview of the troop, and who will give you the chance to ask questions.
  12. Review and discuss the tear-out pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide with your Scout. Then, sign your initials next to that requirement on Page 17.
  13. Scouts: review the Joining Requirements in your Boy Scout Handbook on Page 17. Once you have reviewed those requirements (and read the following pages, which describes the information outlined in those requirements), review our Rank Advancement Procedures, then schedule a New Scout conference with the Scoutmaster.
  14. Parents: Learn how Scouting and Troop 820 work by reading the materials in the How Does Scouting Work? Adult & Parent Training Resources on the Resources Page.

Welcome to Troop 820


Troop 820 is part of the Ohio Valley District inside the Simon Kenton Council.

We hold meetings every Monday night from 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Grove City, Oh. Our charter sponsor Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Parish proudly supports our troop.

Please join us in thanking the both OLPH Parish and KofC 4603 for making all of this possible.

If you wish to join or have any questions, please contact us.