As Summer comes to a close.

As we near the end of summer, we need to take a moment and reflect back on what we accomplished in the past few months.

Summer camp was a blast and we were blessed with better than average weather. We brought back with the same number of boys that we took down. And, we got to know some of our first year scouts a little better. All the scouts made great progress toward their individual advancement. Now they must focus on what they need to complete in order to achieve rank. Should be a piece of cake.

Everyone will be starting back to school in the coming days and weeks and we are seeing the beginning of fall sports. It has always been our feeling that the boys should experience all that they can and we would never hold lack of attendance during a sports season against them and encourage those playing whatever to fit ina meeting or a Saturday outing in when they can. The troop is going to be here for them.

Its coming !!!!!!! Look for details.

Please respond to the news letter in your mailbox about the Parish Festival.