2014 Mulch Sale Was a Great Success

Thank you for supporting our Troop!!

The Mulch Sale turned out bigger then we could have imagined.

Way to go scouts and many thanks to all the parents for their help and assistance with the delivery of 48 pallets of mulch….thats nearly 3500 bags. We also sold about a 100 gift cards totaling nearly $6000.

Notifications of individual scout earnings will be forthcoming but we did not want to wait too long to offer hearty congratulations for a job well done.

Extra special thanks to the Forestas for the use of their pick-up and trailer. Without it, we would still be delivering mulch. Mr. Schulze also deserves a heaping helping of gratitude as he gave up most of his spring break for the sake of mulch.

Next year we will take what we have learned from this year to improve our processes and experience.

Thanks to all. A lot of camp will get paid for with what we accomplished.